7 Year Warranty


Welcome to Australia’s best warranty offering – 7 Years Unlimited Kilometre Warranty, with 7 Years of Roadside Assist, and 7 Years of Capped Price Servicing. When you purchase a brand new Kia, you’ll have peace of mind that we’re there to support you ever step of the way. While this is an amazing offer, it shouldn’t come as a big surprise given your Kia already comes with the latest advanced automotive technology, and is fine-tuned especially for Australian road conditions.ervice program. Refer to link for applicable models or contact your local dealer.

7 Years Unlimited KM

Unlike warranties from other automotive brands, we haven’t set a mileage cap. Instead you’ll enjoy the freedom of Australia’s First 7 Year Unlimited Kilometre Warranty when you purchase your brand new Kia. We wanted to go the extra mile, after all, a longer warranty is a better warranty. 

7 Years Capped Price Servicing

Because we care about your Kia motoring experience, we wanted to give you even more assurances about our service. As such, we’ve extended our fixed-price scheduled service offering to 7 years, so you’ll know the maximum cost of each service. When you drop your car off at any Authorised Kia Service Centre in Australia, no matter what needs to be done, there will be no nasty cost surprises when you pick it up.

7 Years Roadside Assist

When you drive your brand new Kia for the first time, you’ll be supported by 12 months of complimentary Roadside Assistance. Because we believe in the quality of our vehicles, we’ve made it easy to receive complimentary Roadside Assist for up to 7 years. All you need to do is bring your Kia into an Authorised Kia Service Centre for its scheduled services, and we’ll extend your Roadside Assist membership for another 12 months, FREE of charge. Now that’s long-term peace of mind.

7 Years Fully Transferrable

If during the 7-year period you’d like to upgrade your Kia to the latest model, the good news is the balance of the warranty, Capped Price Servicing and Roadside Assist is completely transferrable to the new owner. You’ll be able to sell your car with added benefits that used cars from our competitors simply aren’t able to match. 

All new Kia cars now come with a 7 year warranty!

* Full terms and conditions visit the Warranty Policy Statements page. Note: 7 year/150,000km warranty for vehicles used for the following: rental vehicles, hire cars, taxis, courier vehicles, driving school vehicles, security vehicles, bus and tour vehicles. 7 year Capped Price Servicing for specified number of manufacturer’s standard scheduled maintenance services up to 7 years or 105,000kms, whichever occurs first. Note: 7 Year Roadside Assistance subject to eligibility.

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